SKU MDK-D7004-4C201D
Manufacturers maxx_digital , MaxxOne

AHD CCTV Outdoor 4 Camera Kit Varifocal Dome

This AHD CCTV surveillance kit includes everything you need to set-up a 4 camera kit for your home or business. Includes 4x varifocal dome cameras suitable for outdoor use with manually adjustable viewing distance and up to 30m IR range. Includes dropbox support and quick-connect network set-up for iOS and Android devices.

DVR Features

  • Standalone digital video recorder with the latest H.264 recording compression technology
  • 720P definition recording quality for better video clarity
  • Supports up to 4 regular analogue or 4 AHD cameras
  • Built-in motion detection option to trigger recording only when there is activity on-screen
  • Upload recorded footage to the cloud for back-up via Dropbox!
  • Easy-connect 3-step QR code network setup means no more difficult network configuration (only for iOS and Android, Windows Phone 8/8.1 is supported using regular network setup)
  • Free app allows remote monitoring on your smartphone and tablets
  • Full HD 1080p display output for connection to HDTV
  • Watch from anywhere! Worldwide control wherever you are via the internet.
  • Live view, playback, and event alarm without missing any important information
  • Simultaneous playback and smart search on all channels
  • Supports 1 x SATA HDD (up to 4TB)

Camera Features

The MaxxOne AHD security camera range sets the standard for CCTV surveillance with HD resolution output you will really notice the difference when compared to older standard TVL analogue cameras. With a high build quality and boasting a good range of professional features this camera is perfect for both business and home CCTV systems, as well as being suitable for outdoor use.

Great for Day and Night

This MaxxOne AHD CCTV camera operates fantastically in low light conditions using the latest Sense-UP technology which allows you to keep a colour image in even lower light conditions, and switches to Infrared nightvision mode for viewing in total darkness up to 30 metres which features IR-Cut as well.

Even Better Image Clarity

Also included in this camera is a 3D NR filter for reducing digital noise from both static images and moving footage. Image noise is interference in the video signal that shows up as grainy specks. It can be caused by low lighting situations, a nearby power interference, heat, or device algorithms.

Digital Noise Reduction or "DNR" is a technique of removing image noise from a video signal by applying a digital comb filter. It makes images clearer and reduces video file size. Whilst 3D NR adds another layer of depth to the filter to improve it even further.

Improved Picture in Varied Lighting Conditions

This camera has built-in Digital Wide Dynamic Range. DWDR is a camera function which digitally adjusts exposure in areas of the frame to maintain optimum detail in both the shadows and highlights of the image. This prevents bright spots of an image from darkening the foreground details which normally would have a silhouette effect.

Total Control

Thanks to a handy controller built into the cabling you can use On-screen display with this camera for total control over the camera’s display settings.

Flexible Zoom and Focus

As part of the varifocal line of cameras; this camera features a 2.8mm to 12mm manually adjustable zoom lens.

On the camera are 2 screw points for zoom & focus. Using these you can set your camera anywhere between a 109° wide-angle view by reducing the varifocal length to 2.8mm up to a 22° telescopic zoomed in view by increasing the varifocal length to 12mm.

This gives you more a lot flexibility than standard fixed lens cameras, allowing you to focus on distant objects, entrances/exits, cash points, and so on.

Backwards and Cross Compatible

All MaxxOne AHD cameras are backwards compatible with most BNC monitors and analogue DVRs, as well as other brands of AHD/HDA digital video recorders. It uses a standard BNC connection and the industry standard 2.1mm power connection.

Additional Info

MPN MDK-D7004-4C201D
Manufacturer MaxxOne
What You Get
  • 1 x Hawk D7100 Series 4ch AHD DVR Kit
  • 4x Outdoor-use AHD Varifocal camera
  • 4x 18m (6ft) BNC + Power Cable
  • 1 x 4-way camera power supply
  • 1 x CCTV Warning Notice Sign
Warranty 2 Year Standard Warranty (1 Month UK Carriage, 2 Year Parts, 2 Year Labour)
Video Inputs 4
No. of Cameras 2

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